BP Oil spill in Gulf Coast

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  1. Mordeci

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    Is anyone else disgusted by the response and lack of media attention the BP oil spill has gotten over the past few days. By all accounts "bad" dosen't even begining to describe the situation. Imagine the Exonn Valdeez (sp?) and multiply it by a thousand and that is what you pretty much have in the gulf, and whats worse is so far the federal goverment, Obama (who up until this point I was a defender of), and the oil industry has been dragging their feet. This is more then a shame, it is a travisty and embaressment of epic proportions, and hopefully something will be done about it, although at this point I see it as Katrina part two.

    I Posted a link to some wildlife affected by the oil spill, for more factual information I strongly suggest looking around the huffington post, (Yes I know they are very liberal but they are good with stuff like this and honestly the mainstream media isn't covering it as well as it should.)
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  2. Zurkhardo

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    I agree with you. Given it's scale and possibly unprecedented damage, it hasn't recieved nearly as much concern as it should. The timing of it, just after further oil drilling was allowed to commence in the East Gulf Coast and Eastern US, should make it all the more attention worthy.
  3. Axiom

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    A little update and by update I mean these guys are working way to slowly


    You know, this is massive. This is something a year from now we will remember as one of the biggest disasters for that region that was horribly taken care of.
    The quote below is from that site link above.

    This is from another site

    This is about the fishing industry

    On a personal note, I hate the mentality that's possibly going into this
    Same source as the quote above. I know fishing is a massive part of our economy, but the suffering of this economical aspect(and all the familes lives involved in the industry) shouldn't be the primary focus. The bloody fact that this oil is destroying the life in that area is not economical, it's life. And this company caused this. And you know, Im now starting to be worried that they won't be held accountable properly for this. Not to my standards. Economical retribution might be higher than the retribution for the destruction of the natural environment and its inhabitants. .. I really hope not.
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  4. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    It was an accident, accidents happen. I think comparing this in any way to Katrina, in which thousands of HUMAN BEINGS' lives were actually being extinguished on a minute-by-minute basis, is quite exaggerated. Lots of wildlife are in danger, and that's always unfortunate because part of nature is being destroyed, but that's what humans do. It was an accident. I highly doubt BP made a grand conspiracy to lose millions of dollars worth of gas per day and eventually negatively affect their economic reputation, and damaging an entire coastal region intentionally. Accidents happen and this is the consequence.

    With that said, I actually think the media attention to this has been overload; certainly not lacking at all, considering hardly anyone knows that fish are being scraped from the highway in Nashville, Tennessee where many people have died from a great deluge there. Homes, businesses, schools inundated, and families being misplaced. That has hardly received any attention. On the other hand, there's the economic downfall in the fishing industry. It seems quite localized to me. Hopefully restrictions on fishing and hunting along the gulf coast will be made very strict so that people aren't selling and consuming oil-intoxicated animals.

    I'm more worried about the health impacts of thousands of dead fish washing ashore on beaches than I am people losing business and not being able to sell or eat seafood...
  5. shades

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    Well, this is one truly disgusting "F--k up" and could be the worst man made disaster in history before all is said and done.

    Of course our congress allowed them to set their own rules and standards regarding safety and the ability to handly a spill such as this.

    It's business as usual! Huuman life and the environment are expendable as long as there is money to be made!

    Let the revolution begin!

    **One classic quote from a liberal blogger was that Sarah Palin should be forced to help clean up the mess while wearing her "Drill Baby Drill' T-shirt! And of course, I totally agree with that...:sparkle:
  6. Bob26003

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  8. jxdama

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    i keep thinking about how much better off humanity is due to oil.
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  10. Axiom

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    'Top kill' operation fails: BP

  11. fromthatshow

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    Not when people do their job right they don't. And this is a business where we can't afford for accidents to happen. It's either no accidents happen, or we don't do it anymore.
  12. Axiom

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    Here are the NASA satellite photos taken of the area affected. Most of the later days are covered, so you can create a decent comparison on the spread and growth of the oil slick.


    Some of the latest images Im finding it a bit hard to judge though where it begins and ends. Hopefully they'll have some better images for the less informed.
  13. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    So because cars and planes have accidents, we shouldn't continue to make them? The key word you mentioned is PEOPLE -- people aren't immune to mistakes, so they happen. The important part is learning to minimize these accidents.
  14. Axiom

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    Here is a Live Feed of the oil leak from under the gulf.



    Just a thought, if this is indeed a realtime feed as it appears to be, you could view their next attempt at slowing down/stopping the flow of oil, and any subsequent operations on the fact.

    Hopefully this oil won't be following the gulf stream...
    We were wondering why they don't put a larger or even a smaller pipeing system into this exsisting pipe and draw/suck the oil directly to oil tankers?
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  15. Perfect Melancholy

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    Welcome to BP one hell of a company..........please allow me to give you a brief history of their cock ups

    1993–1995: Hazardous substance dumping
    2005: Texas City Refinery explosion
    2006–2007: Prudhoe Bay oil spill
    2006-2008: Texas City refinery fatalities (three killed)
    2007: Propane price manipulation
    2008: Oil price manipulation
    2009: North Sea helicopter accident

    They appear to have more previous then oj simpson on a murder charge.

    Sadly the latest profit report I could find was for 2008, where profits where in the region of 10 billion us dollars* (source bbc news site).

    Still I am sure when they are still trading at $37.50 a share in the us*(source Bloomberg) They can afford to donate a few towels to help clean up the birds and fishes.

    On a serious note, does this not prove that their is a need to find a cleaner more efficient source of fuel, when is Americas love of all things oil going to end?
  16. Shogun

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  17. Perfect Melancholy

    Perfect Melancholy SF Friend

    I think he should be prosecuted there is a 1972 clean water bill in the us which prohibits the release of toxic chemicals into water, I am unsure if a spill like this would be covered but has to be worth a shot.
  18. Axiom

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  19. An Angel in Black

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    extremely discusted bro. its so funny did you see the saturday night live skit about this? they were pretending to be politicians and their plans to clean it up which is still more than what our politicians are doing right now, is to have dolphins with mops LOL! at least theyre planning. or as janet neapolitano, the former and no longer thank God governer of AZ said weve been on it from day one.. yeh.. ok.. when obama ignored it and told the vp it was his job. and the vp was away on vacation and didnt come back to deal with it lol. theyve been screwing off, all of these bearucrats, theyre all crooks. and if anyone ever tells you global warming is for real.. remember two things.. dont trees breathe in the greenhouse gases? lol. aka carbon dioxide.. and second its already come out its a scam, the friggin emails were released about the scientists manipulating the temperature to make it look like it was getting hotter the whole time. of course al gore is gonna say global waring global warming! save planet earth and buy carbon credits.. let me translate that.. give me free money because i own the carbon credit company. thanks for the new 9mil dollar mansion in california. keep buying those credits. :cool:
    this oil leak is designed to do two things.. 1 is to raise taxes like the feds are trying to do now to make up for their extreme spending. and 2 is to not let the US drill off shore.. regardless that we let other countries do it we just cant.. a lot of logic put into that... :/ no its not logic, theyre getting paid behind closed doors. while screwing over the ppl. ive heard from ppl that ran these oil facilities for years and this was no accident. dont believe the bullshit the media is throwing at you. it was by the obama administration and his regime. all to screw us over.. independant thinking!! :wootrock:
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  20. Axiom

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