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Bpd advice on impulse

Ok, so I wil start at the beginning here. When i recieved a bpd diagnosis I was then given leaflets about it to read. I learnt symptoms and all about it. I went on Google to find out as much as i can about it. What you don't seem to get told is how to deal with it. I struggle on a daily with impulsivity. Impulse seems to be the worst part for me, affecting me in ways I sometimes don't even realise.
Gambling, shop lifting, self harm, shopping, the list goes on. Dangerous driving.
Rewind a little, I was having emdr therapy for cptsd. I had a couple of sessions before coronavirus kicked in and halted therapy. Since then I've been suicidal a number of times and so my therapist referred me on to cmht.
I went to see them for an assessment, and again I was referred on to someone else. I recieved another appointment recently for another assessment and so I cancelled it.
I seem to just get assessed by someone and then passed along to someone else for another assessment. I got fed up with it.
At no point have I received ANY treatment in any form for bpd.
Do people just get a diagnosis and then left to deal with it themselves?
Is there any treatment for bpd?
Are we too complicated for people?
I think I need to challenge my impulsive behaviour but I don't know how to. I'm damaging everything around me.
So 3 days ago I had this urge to buy a laptop that I didn't need or even want. I managed to hold off until yesterday when I caved bought it.
I find that when I have these urges to do something, it overtakes me. I can't stop thinking about it. I research everything about what ever item im wanting at the time. Putting things in my basket and then thinking, fuck it, and buy it quick.
Now I don't really have much money so spending stupid amounts on things I don't need is silly and I know it is. But I cant help it.
My last impulsive purchase was a dog. Again stupid amounts of money. I Was homeless at the time so it really wasn't practical.
I really need and want to change my impulsive behaviour.
Any advice is welcome.

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That's strange, I feel like usually you would get some form of treatment to deal with it. I have therapy that focuses on CBT and DBT and ways to deal with the symptoms I face. I don't think people with BPD are too complicated to deal with. There's stigma around the illness, which is unfortunate, and everyone is different. I hope you will be able to find something that works for you.
Thank you @Witty⭐️Sarcasm ⭐️
Ive literally never had anything for it at all. That's why I thought it was just a diagnosis and then bang.. deal with it on ya own.
When I have seen mental health workers, they all just tend to focus on the 'crisis' side of things, even if I'm not in crisis. I get asked about my trauma and that's it. Oh! And im on anti depressants.
I guess I'm just struggling a lot at the minute and my mood swings are rapid and extreme right now, doesnt help matters.
Ive already done things today on impulse that is damaging to me.
Nevermind. I guess I just have to learn I suppose. But thank you


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Since the impulsivity is a way to cope with negative emotions, I think you need to figure out first why you choose to engage in these behaviors at the time. In other words, what is it that's making you feel like shit? What irrational belief is behind your negative emotions? Then after that, I suggest looking into REBT online or (since you like shopping) go to a bookstore and buy "How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything--Yes, Anything" by Albert Ellis (the creator of REBT). It teaches you the fundamentals of REBT and how to apply it to pretty much everything in your life.
Hi aurelio, I'm not entirely sure what makes me feel like that. I struggle with emotions though. I think I engage in them to make me feel good? Im not 100% on that one.
Ive never heard of rebt than you I wil look it up

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