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Bpd and bipolar at the same time?

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I saw someone mention that you can be both of these at the same time. Im just interested to see any research about this if anyone has some? Ive always thought of them as being quite similar disorders in a way, but Ive never thought that a person can have them both at the same time!


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Of course it's possible. I don't have articles on hand.

They are not really the same at all. I mean i guess you could draw some similarities but if you research each condition individually than you will see clearly how fundamentally they differ.


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Important is the cause: bipolar has a neurological basis (this is shown by its relationship with epilepsy). BPD, however, is a personality disorder, which has a psychological basis. There's no reason to believe they couldn't both exist in the same person - but the DSM ignores the neurological aspect of bipolar disorder and merely diagnoses by symptoms, which is insufficient.

Treatment resistant depression, I believe, also suffers from this problem: I believe that TRD is merely bipolar without a known manic phase, but the DSM forbids diagnosing bipolar without a manic phase. (Evidence: marked by recurrent depression, has agitation as a symptom, does not respond to antidepressants alone, antipsychotics/mood stabilizers in conjunction with antidepressants do work, etc.) And since bipolar is neurological, and not defined by symptoms, an expressed manic phase isn't actually required for it to be there.

Hey... Actually googled it and found a source! http://www.medicinenet.com/borderline_personality_disorder/article.htm#disorders
In other words, some individuals with BPD will have that disorder alone, while others will have it in combination with bipolar or another mental disorder.
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It is very possible to be both bipolar and boderline (comorbid). I know many people that have 2 seperate mental health diagnosis. I have Bipolar and Dissocial Personality Disorder.

I am however sceptical about people that have a list of 5+ conditions that they have apparently been diagnosed with, I think these people tend to be in the US.

A helpful publication is http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/home You need to register to read most of the articles.

just to note. BP and BPD are ambiguous.

BP stands for BiPolar. BPD COULD stand for BiPolar Disorder. In fact, when I posted my intro, I used BPD to stand for BiPolar Disorder.

Someone is not "BiPolar". More correctly, someone has the BiPolar Disorder.

It's like the difference between someone who has BiPolar Disorder and someone who has cancer. One might say such and such "is BiPolar". But would you say that such and such "is cancer"? No, it doesn't make sense.

Don't mean to be splitting hairs here but it's an important distinction.

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