BPD rage and anger

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i know im posting a lot and im sorry.

i just wondered does anybody else have experience of BPD rage and anger?

Cos i do and it often makes me hate the person i am.

Can yt anybody phelp me?


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Many people have BPD and rage and anger are parts of that. Have you ever looked into DBT-Dialectic Behavioral Treatment. These programs can be very helpfull. Heres a site I think you might find help with moodgym.com if ya have a problem finding itplease let me know. Ok so Im not gonna bug ya anymore, hope this info wil help!!

Take good care
-Love Jodi


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Hey thanks so much for that Jodi and i will try it wout.i know imposting a lot at the moment really and im sorry [i hope its not too much for the site - if it is tell me to shurt up anybody] - cos i know im posting a lot i dont really expect all my threads to receive replys and sometimes for me just purely writing helps and its about the only coping strategy i have apart frmo walking whckih people might view positively but anyway im so relieved you replied on thsis as im really struggling with it an at the moment.Thanks also for the pm.Contact with you and others here and so valubablye to me.i will reply to your pm but feeling a bit weak and ill right now probably cos of all the tabs im taking in od so maybe not tonight.i am sorry but i will reply and thanks so muchmuch.im thinking of you and its so good to have found contact with somebody who can understand what im esxperienceing with this.And Jodi i would never everr see you as bugging me.................infact it was more than certainly the other way round i was the one butgging you for help by statrting the thread!

Take care and please try and look after yourself and everybody else take too care too.



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I experience rage and anger on a daily basis it seems. I hate myself for it too and amoung losing friends and the girl I love because of it, I'm scared of myself...

Aniel :hug:


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im glad that im not alone................i know my anger and rage is verbal but i worry cos i know i can really hurt when i get going..............and that scares me.........it scares me who i can be...................


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Thanks for that.i do do a bit of reading and had heard of that book.i hope to read it one day.It osunds like it could be helpful.i just of so umuch problems concentrartiong these days and keeping attention on things.But i knwo i need to do so,me reading.im really struglling at present with Borderline issues.i can just about manage small print [preferably with a magnifying gladss] but really need to see if teh book is available in large print and im not sure about that and then it osmce to the subject of money and welll given im eight a or nine of so hundred in debt lets not even go there movnyeywise..............!1But as tfor the book thanks for the pointing it out and im extremely interested in it.i may well see if i can get it from the library even if it is msmall print and see if i hcan lhave a glance at it a bit that way iwth a magnifying glass for a bit.So thanks.i much pappreciate your reply and hope you are as ok as you can be.Have you actuallly read this book and if so did you find it any use?Or has anyone else who might be reading htis thread read it?Isf so what did you think?

Also has anywhere here read either 'The Angry Heart' or 'Someimteds i Act Crazy' which are also books on BPD i have just managed to get hold of.What did anyone make of them if you have read tjhem?Also has anybody read 'i hate you-dont leave me' as that is also another book on BPD ive recently located.What do people think of that one if they have read it?

At the moment for me ive only had a glance ubt i think the Angry Heart may be th emost uselful out of the few ive managed to actually pick up so far and ait ashas a lot of exercises in it ot work thourough and i think it could really benefit me............but it also seems scary and that it oculld be very hard work so im sure it will benerfit me but im feeling a little bit too scared and firghtened to take that dive in i need to...................

Thanks for the post Debs....................


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I'm starting DBT-Dialectic Behavioral Treatment next week. I have a lot of the DMV symptoms but not the anger. It's as if I don't have any unles you count SI as anger. But I have a very hard time with fear of abandonment and feeling like I am bad. I also feel guilt because I shouldn't expect anyone to care but when they do I think they are lying, are paid, or it's just some abherrant behavior. In other words.. I dissociate I guess. I fit the criteria but not the anger part. Does that put me into a different category do you suppose? Maybe I'm not borderline but actually psychotic or neurotic. ?
Kath, I have trouble with it also but I mainly take it out on myself that use to be a big part of my self-injuring, I know DBT was mentioned I have a DBT group therapy and it's good. if ever you need to talk post or email me email: [email protected] . hope I have helped.



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Thanks guys this thread has helped me feel a lot less alone with my BPD and all that comes with that.So you have all helped me just by posting.Thankyou.Yes Debs you are very right im sure there is an audio versoion of morst books like the one you mentioned out there but it is just seeking it out and finding a copey that can be very time consuming but it is always worth a try and certainly here as from what i know of the book you have mentioned it sounds as though it could be quite useful.As for DBT i have thought of it and read about it...........it just seems to be so hard to access something like that on the NHS sometimes particuarly when they always seem to have concerns that i may be too unstable for too much therapy and also i have been sitting on waiting lists for months like the for the psychologiset i was apossibly gonna get but i have now had to move out of temperary accomodation but this puts me back to square one as the catchment aread means that i and my case now has to be thrown under a different GP and a different mental health team so any waiting lists i may be lucky enough to end up on with them i will ahve to start right from swquare one again.Maybe i will stick to my not wanting to get better............it seems to fit well with what the mental health services can provide!

PainNsiolence i am sorry i have been slow replying to your post.Welcom e to the forum and i for one vcertainly hope to you stick around - it is always nice to see new people here and people supporting each other and i would like to taklk more with you if that is still ok and i havent frienghtened you off yet.i think we umay have some things in common.As well as the BPD [or maybe as part of it] i have also had experiences with cutting and odverdosing....Oh and by the way i love your email address - i wish it were mine!

Please take care all and great to hear forom you all on this thread - my fellow people on a similar journety too!

Maybe we can get through this together..............well some thof the tricky BPD type stuff anyway.DSome of that stuff i find so hard to expalain to Non BP's at tiem but maybe thats just cos my explaining is pretty rubbish.Nic e ce to thave met you all and hope yo to see you all around again soon................

Take care and best wisehs for now all
I also have BPD and with it rage and anger. I've lost dozens of friends. I yell I shout I brake things. And when it's over I feel so ashamed and guilty. It's like I have no impulse control what so ever. I feel totally out of control when I'm angry. Sucks.
I bottle up my anger and when it's released, it flows out like a flood. When my friend was mad at me because I didn't go to a movie with her like I said I would, I went to her room and yelled at her and broke my cell phone by throwing it against a wall. She locked her door and called the police. I usually don't react to things that anger me, like cruel comments or thoughtless actions, but eventually (usually when I'm drunk) it all comes out. I must be very bi-polar.


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I find that I feel a lot of rage and anger but I think it's because I get frustrated that no one understands. I start to feel so bitter. It's like being a toddler who can't communicate.

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