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My 'official diagnosis' is Borderline Personality Disorder.

But i don't agree, my doctor won't even consider letting me have a second opinion or even change doctors.

My mum has offered to pay for me to see someone privately, so i might just take her up on the offer.


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that is a good idea. Some insurance here (US) will cover a 2nd opinion.

Generally, I have read and been told by a psychologist that BPD is on that dr. do not give out until last resort. It can be a combination of things. Try not to let it throw you too much. You may have it like "traits of BPD"
meaning you do not have all but part of characteristics.
I was bothered too when I had that "label" applied to me.....but part of it is right part of it, I did do.

WHY do you not agree with the doc? How long did he talk to you? What else did he say? Are you young? Have you talken meds before?
Just share what you want--Did the doc allow you to question his Dx.
PM me is you need to! Good luck.



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I was diagnosed years ago, and one doctor actually took me off her books cos she felt 'there was nothing she could do for me'.


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All due respect to most doctors, but sorry you happened to encounter a quack. She must not be good, patient or caring to give up on people.
That is disgusting. Thanks for sharing.


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I understand your concern about the correct diagnosis and you should get a second opinion if you want. But remember whatever diagnosis you are given does not change who you are. You are the same person you were yesterday with a different diagnosis. A diagnosis is just a label and in itself doesn't mean very much

Good Luck

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