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Hi out there, first thank you for all of your help. I just got put on a break from
the hospital this afternoon. I have been through electric shock treatments.
I am home to see how I am going to do but I am by myself. I am allergic to anti depressents, therefore the shock treatments but now i am sitting here by myself with nothing so yes I am very anxious and nervous, no one really knows how I am going to make out here. but i do want to thank you for you help you have given me.


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Gentle hugs to you Hun! I know it can be so hard getting out from hospital, feels like you've hit reality with a bang and ideally you need people around you but I hope you can see people here care about you so keep posting ok!

Peeps on here 24/7 to chat to, else ring the ward and tell them you just need a listening ear... they want you to do well too so I am sure they'll support you.

Please keep safe!

Ditsy x


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Hey there honey!

Glad to see you again! :biggrin:

Well - I can read you - and am so happy your still here!

Hmmm - I suppose you need to tidy up a little - do you get help there? Is your home easy to clean and are you OK with looking after it and yourself for a few days?

Well - best grab a nice shower or bath - maybe you got washing to do also?

Air your bed blankets if you have a washing up line (it makes them nice and fresh)

And open the windows and let some fresh air in there!

Welcome back!

I was thinking about you everyday - and pray that you get better.

Is there any improvement with the ECT?

I do hope so!

Yes - I know your allergic to the meds - and they can make you worse sometimes - but please try and get some exercise - maybe a little walk?

Shame you have no big dog there with you!

Is there anyone who knows you have come out of hospital?

Well - we do and send our love your way!

Best of luck.

Your friend in England for sure! :cazza:
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