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Breaking up with boyfriend

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I have been struggling with this for a month now. Being in a relationship and going through therapy is too difficult for me. My bf is dealing with his ex, which brings out the worse in him, plus lawyers and stuff. That is triggering me big time. I have talked to my counsellor and she thinks it is a good idea. I am just having a hard time telling my bf that it is not working for me. It is not something he has done, it really is more about me and what I need to do right now. Just when I see him face to face I run out of courage to tell him. I have heard that you shouldn't break up with someone by writing a letter. So how do I get the courage to tell him it is over.


I think breaking up with somebody is one of the hardest things one can do.It is best to tell him as soon as possible.Courage is going to be your best friend here so just sit him down and explain what and why of the situation.It will be hard but once it is done you will feel a little better.The sooner the better tho otherwise it it may never happen hehe.

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Everyone in a relationship deserves a face to face metting and most of all HONESTY Do not say something that isn't true to spare his feelings or some such thing. Many people do this and it disgusts me. When they do this they are LYING and the lie (the fact that they are lying no matter how minor) is more hurtful then whatever the truth is. Do whatever you do make sure it's straight forward and honest. He has earned that much at least.


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you should do it sooner than later.there is nothing worse than to be mislead.a letter or call arent that worse than face to face.as long as the reason why is there.just dont lie to him.i was lied to and i know how bad and worthless it will make him feel.


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It IS a very hard thing to do, but putting it off won't make it any easier. If it were me I'd just ask to sit down and talk to him and tell him why - that it's not him or anything he's done, but that it's my problems and that I just need some time to myself. Perhaps he'd not take it so bad and there may even be a chance that in the future you two could pick it up again, you never know. But I sympathise with you cause I know from personal experience how hard and how heartbreaking it can be to end a relationship for whatever reason.

let us know how you're doing, we care!:smile: :smile:

love and hugs,



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Whatever you do when you do it BE FIRM, don't go back with him just because he makes you feel guilty which I'm sure he will. I broke up with my girlfriend 5 times before I did it for real.
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