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breathe or panic

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Soon to be more…that's how my life is gonna be.

All my life, I have felt alone. Even amongst friends and family I’ve always felt alone. Felt like the outsider, the girl who didn’t get the joke, or wasn’t smart enough to make it in the real world. I’ve taken to the idea that I’ll be alone for the rest of my life…well up until that one day.

It was when the doctor popped his head inside and told me I was going to be a mommy. My fears blew me out of the water….would I be good enough, would I make it…I just didn’t know what to do. I still don’t…and I only have two months left before he gets here and my life changes forever….

so wath do I do....breathe or panic....I'm lost for words....


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Hi minion,


We are all unique. You are not really alone…

Of course you are good enough - as he is coming through you…

Take one step at a time…do what you can now…read some related materials if you are drawn to…and prepare what will be needed for the baby, etc…maybe you’ve already been doing this…just breathe then…don’t panic…it’s our natural ability…You will know what to do as you go…it’s in your instinct…

There is a girl in our neighbourhood whose due date is also in August. She feels about the same like you. It’s all natural…

With loving wishes to you and the baby to come…
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