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    Everything seems great now, but too much emotional expression and material generosity is overwhelming. A long run through open space may give me what I need to make myself understood: clarity of mind, surety of purpose, and the best of intentions. But I run in darkness where I can't be seen, hiding myself. Thought and logic just do not enter into this, and no amount of planning could have prepared me for the intensity of the situation. It might not be possible to find quick, easy solutions while still remaining realistic. This enhances the need to connect on deeper levels with another, but am left in doubt to entrust my heart or sensitivity to the safekeeping of anyone. Gentility and honesty supports my best interests and can reveal the deeper levels of another's soul. Perhaps if I take action to be more open, talkative, and expressive, my true warm heart and sensitivity will shine through. My mindset tells me to be brave and fearless. There is no reason to be frightened or nervous by bringing my feelings to the surface. It may even offer the chance to better understand my reactions and find creative outlets to express my inner life
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    small steps at a time ok ones that you are comfortable with at first hugs