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    While this is an event filled with sadness, it also is one depicting great love and the ultimate sacrifice. Thursday morning I was awakened to the news that there had been a terrible house fire in which two of my friends lost their lives. Brian and Diane were siblings. Neither survived. Originally Brian, his wife Laura, and son Brandon all made it out. Brian realized his sister, who suffers from dementia, was still inside their burning home. He ran back inside to try and rescue her. He lost his life trying to save hers. He had promised to care for her after she was diagnosed with her illness at a young age. He did not want his sister to spend her life in a nursing home. He died trying to keep his promise. Diane was 56 and Brian 51. I hope to believe they both have earned their angel wings.
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    I'm sad to hear of your loss. :hug: I'm sure they have their wings, Gentlelady. (It sounds like maybe they were "angels" in this sphere, too!) You and your friends are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Oh have been through so much, that it is remarkable you can still type...I am so sorry for your losses, but the story does leave one with the conflict of being sad and so proud of someone like that...does also ask a good question, "who would you run into a burning building for?" Were I able to run, I am sure it would be for you...all my love and caring
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your very sad.
    Brian is a hero..such a brave and caring thing to try and save his sister. :hug: