Broke and potentially stranded

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    :( I tried my damndest to stay away from this site during my vacation. However, I have failed, while my vacation has been loads of fun. I am falling back into my depression. From shame of being financially stupid. I am completely broke right Now. To make matters worse I asked my mom for a loan. However, that money is tided up in the hard of electronic money transfer. :depressed: I prepaid for a hotel so I will have a bed to sleep on. However, that is not going to be for at least 8 hours. Stupid fucking hotels and not acknowledging when a day starts and ends.

    My whole drive down here, to Las Vegas, I felt like crashing into oncoming traffic. The shame of asking for money and then asking for more because I made the wrong choice. Right now I wish there was less ventilation. That way I could just run my car till I don't wake up. :( PayPal says my money will likely be in my bank account on Monday. That is too far away :( what will I do? I just want everything to end. I look like a complete idiot and need money to save some face. :cry: I hope I can fall asleep soon. I also hope security ignores me.
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    I hear you bud.

    Arriving in a strange place with no money and a room eight hours away is a pisser.But that eight hours is just going to make it feel all that much sweeter when you finally get to lay your head down on a pillow.
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    Yeah, problem is that I am going to be meeting up with a friend sometime in the next 12 or so hours :sweat:

    Anyway I got my money sorted out. So I can make it home. I am a bit less depressed now. Still feel like a failure though. I guess I lucked out with my giftmas bonus and not having to make a car payment this month. I still am ill at the fact that I had to ask for money from my mom.
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    Good to hear about the money,and hey,don't worry,travel does strange things to us all,the calmest of people flip out or crumble when the relaxation schedule goes slightly awry.
    And champ,do not worry about the money having to be sent to you(is it done by e-mail nowadays? duh!).Your mother will probably have put it down to the fact that you're just a normal crazy young guy on a trip, who ran out of money because he was having such a great time of it ,and that's just what crazy young guys do.
    You crazy young guy you! ;)

    Have fun with your remaining time. :)
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    :lol!: it is funny how much stress we put ourselves through to relax right?

    I still feel bad about asking for money. My mom pounded it into my head, as a child that I need to b fiscally responsible above all else. She was not hesitant to give me the money though. That was a nice turn of events. I just said the amount and she asked how she could get it to me.

    :sweat: now my anxiety turns to security. Though that is much less, only 4 hours till I have a bed.
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    You can screw up once in a while and still be fiscally responsible. Emergency loans are essential for the best of us in those times - emergencies. You should get a credit card, though, because they can save your ass without having to wait or worry.
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    I'm almost 50 and still lean on my Dad for help now and again. Don't sweat it, we're all supposed to help each other, especially family. One day you'll be in a position to help someone else. How much joy you'll feel when you can help someone else.

    I work all the time and I'm broke as hell. That's just the way it is. Just get through every day the best you can. Don't let anyone else judge you, and don't judge yourself too harshly.
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    :hugtackles: :hugtackles:
  10. Forgotten_Man

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    I made it home safely... too bad there was not any good news for me when I got home. :cry:
  11. IV2010

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    glad you're home safely
    :i'm sorry: about your sad news :arms: