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broke down at work today

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christ i am so ashamed,i dont know how i can go back, i didnt want anyone there to know how sick i am, i was doing such a good job of hiding it. fuck


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I've been breaking down at school the past two days, It's painful. But almost everyone at my school knows i'm werid, they dont know how sick i am. I hate hiding it.

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Perhaps talk to your boss okay see if you can get leave until you get more stable Talk to your doctor okay so you can get some therapy or meds something to help you to feel better hugs to you


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I've broken down twice in work both infront of my boss and once infront of my bosses boss, i never felt embarrassed or ashamed, i'm human, i have emotions and so do you, we can't choose when we let are emotions out, we can hold them in for long periods of time but they will eventually come one way or another.

No one ever asked about it and no one treated me any different, I know it's difficult going back after something like that but you can't just run away and hide, it will just make things worse.

I hope you get better and find the courage to go back to work.
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