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  1. Kiba

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    I broke up with my girlfriend.. I know it was for the best.. for reasons.. Not for depression.. But I feel so terrible..
    We both have life situations going on.. Trying to figure out who we are..
    She is going to college and then to job corp..
    And I have my own issues trying to live with my roommates..

    And I have broken up with her because of a few diffrent factors:

    Its hard for me for one, to express my feelings to her..
    Two, I need someone whom I can see more often.. Who isn't as long distance..
    Three, I need someone who can understand my financial limitations.. and my mental ones.

    I just.. don't know.. I know if is for the best, but it still hurts me.. It still hurts.. And I feel bad about it.. I want to hate myself.. But I have to keep telling myself it is for the best..

    But I still feel like shit for doing it..
  2. Tealc

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    your feelings are understandable mate, you have a connection with her which is more profound than with a friend, and i expect you are starting to feel that
    without her as your gf there will be a void in your life.
    but it seems you have made this choice for the right reasons and deep down you know your better off seeking and finding what you really need.

    don't be down hearted, it will feel like this for a while but keep thinking positive for the future
  3. Speedy

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    I cannot imagine how hard it is right now for you to deal with this, and I hope you are able to receive the amount of outside support you deserve during this difficult time. Take care, and keep us updated on whether things are getting any better for you.