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    my flatmate moved out a few months ago and at first i tried to stay in touch coz we went to school together and we became kinda good friends in 1st year uni because we both found it hard making new friends. i never really liked living with him but i knew i was the more difficult person to live with. so i called him up a couple of weekends in a row and we went for a few drinks. then the next friday i called him and i could hear in the background some noise. he said he was on his way to a gig where one of our school friends was playing with his band and he told me i should call him next week.

    i was really upset by him because before that we'd talked about how it would be good to see our friends band play and instead of asking me to come along he just never mentioned it. Also he'd been living with me the last year and he knew i had hardly any friends. I never told him how upset it had made me because in a way i thought it was my fault like maybe i'm just not cool enough to take to a gig. anyway i stopped calling him after that.

    am I being totally over-sensitive?
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    yeah, i was "abandoned" like that too by my supposed-to-be-friends...
    Now I am my best friend...
    I carry on thanks to the music. I'm persuading myself that i'm better off alone. though its a lie, it works, and i have wild crying crisis just once in while.

    I dont think you're oversensitive, but I'd call him anyway sometimes
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    Maybe there was another reason he didn't invite you, maybe he couldn't for some reason. Either way I would give him at least one more call and hope it isn't what it seems.