Broken Arrow

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  1. lissa08

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    I wrote this many years ago, as an assignment in my AP English class in High School. It's silly, but fun. :)

    Broken Arrow

    Excuse me sir,
    But I believe you missed.
    That arrow there
    Was meant for me.
    Without that, it was nothing
    But an empty kiss.
    And even you must see
    He felt more than that.
    I understand its been hectic
    Flying about, bringing joy.
    Your bow is heavy,
    And it makes one weary.
    The arrow was simply broken.
    Perhaps in all the chaos,
    The shaft snapped.
    Or maybe an uneven feather sent it astray.
    But surely you missed, sir.
    Because I love him,
    And he loves me.
    Surely you didn't mean
    For that to hit her.
    Fix it quickly, please!
    She fancies him, you see.
    But there’s no way they were
    Meant to be.
    He kissed me, sir!
    Right here in this very spot.
    So please, Cupid sir,
    Send another;
    Prove to the world
    That this wasn't
    Just an empty kiss.
  2. total eclipse

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    very thoughtfully written hugs
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