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broken heart

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He the only one that can break a girls heart and then say when he get out of college if they both are single they can try again. And all she does is think he is going to make me a rebond girl because she really does love him. and she say yeah that sound good to me. She sound lonely and is trying not to cry but it not working and she knows she is going to be crying herself to sleep tonight. She knows that it most likely because of the distance between them and he does want her to be happy. She is thinking about killing herself again because that would make everyone happy one less person in the world. She knows her dad would be sad that is the only thing stopping her. She dont care what her mom thinks because her mom left her. She is looking for something good in her life and cant find it because she knows it was him. And all she want to do is end her life but she dont she just put a smile on her face and act like nothing happens while only her best friend knows she is sad everyone else see a happy girl.

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I am sorry your heart was broken hun You move on okay you don't wait for him you move on and find someone that will never hurt you okay Who will go out the way to bring you joy and kindness and laugther hun You deserve the best hun don't wait around for Him go out and get better
he was the best i could find he loved me no matter what i did. he said that if it wasnt for me he would be no one. and i beleive him no i feel so stupid i knew i should of listen to my dad wisdom but i was in love with every part of him i didnt think he would break up with me right after i had a terrible weekend


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Hey Sierra, You should drop him and move on..He is just playing on your emotions..Get back out there and find a real man.. Someone sensitive and careing..It's not your fault he left..That was his decision..


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Hi and I am so sorry. I have been through this and I truly know how it feels. It took me a while to get on with my life, but I did find someone who was even better
The thing is he is better then all of my other ex bf that only date me because of my looks and i cant stand it. I think im done dating until I get out of college and then i dont know. i just cant keep him off of my mind at all.
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