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Broken Hearted.

I got so caught up into him. He said he loved me he told me everything but yet he tells my step sister the same, while im dating you. Thank god i believe in god. He built me up && broke me down. I loved him. I might be young but i know i was in love . Cause i cant stop thinking about him, when i talk to him i get butterflies & everything feels so right when i talk to him. but noo he wants her. Better off for me to move on right. Not? idkk what to doo someone help me through .

total eclipse

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he is not good enough for you if he is playing two of you at a time
You need to find someone who does care okay someone that will return your feeling You have so much time ahead of you to find the right one. hugs


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I know how that feels, but he does not deserve you...yes, you should move on and find someone who can make you happy...I know it is not easy, but much better to do for yourself...J
You guys made everything better i thought about it && i deserve a person who ares && who will actually feel the same way about me. I could see myself come to you guys whenn imm having trouble.:love:

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