Broken Home

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Theres so much i can say, but I will keep it nice and short hoping for some replies on how to cope with this..
All my life i've known my parents to argue with things, for hours, days even weeks sometimes.. There has been times my mum has told my dad to leave and not come back, and even times she has packed her things and taken me and my sister away for a few days..
In the past month ive learnt my mum may have been having an affair with another man. I also learned its happened 3-4 times in the past..
Yesterday i came home from work and things were just so weird, after an hour they were at it "Thats right tommorow im calling a solicitor!!" "Go back and live with your mother!" After coming so close to seperation 2 weeks ago, I knew this was it..
I woke to my dad bursting through my door asking if my mum had spoken to me.. As i was sleeping and he was at work she had packed her things and left with my sister..
My dads told me hes going to make things alright for us if i stay here with him..

I honestly have no idea whats happening, I dont know what my parents will do.. And i really dont think my dad will be able to cope!

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!



I´m sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately i can´t help you. My parents are married for almost 30 years... they have their problems and my father has treatned sometimes that he would leave...

How old are you?
I know it´s difficult if you´re young....

All the best,


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Oh dear,
I know how you feel; I've been living like that since for ever
It never got better. Sometimes I just wish they would just divorce and leave me alone. But I guess that's not happening soon.

I have two years left till graduation (from college), than I'm going to leave home for good. I'll sure miss my sister and little brother, but I'll sure be contacting them ... I hope...
Till then I'm stuck here...waiting for a miracle to drop on me...

But hey, your 17, try focusing on your future. That's what I'm doing, although it's hard.

"I believe things will get better" I so hope for you
All the best,
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