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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by underdog, May 9, 2007.

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  1. underdog

    underdog New Member

    My relationship of 5 years has fallen apart. I am 27 and so is he and we were going to get married. It's not totally over but it will be given all the stress and fighting. If he doesn't end it I will.

    I want to die when I think of this. I am serious. I can't live alone. I have no one besides him because I don't have that many friends. fortunately, I have a good job that I love and that keeps me going but I am on vacation now because this is the time we were supposed to get married.

    I wish there was an easy way out. Suicide is NOT easy. But it seems so enticing.
  2. heavenlyjunkie

    heavenlyjunkie Active Member

    Hi there :)
    Are you certain that your relationship has to be over? After 5 years of history, and being so close to marriage, it seems like a shame. I don't know what you two have been through, but you mentioned stress and fighting. I think you sound like you'd become more stressed if you broke up. Have you tried counselling or anything like that?
    If it does have to be over though, then that might be okay too. If you're convinced that you can' be happy with him, then you have to move on. Suicide doesn't seem like an appropriate course of action though. For starters, death is highly overrated. Besides, aren't you curious to see how this will end up? I kinda am :)
    I wish you so much luck. I hope you're able to find happiness very soon.
  3. LucyLou

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  4. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    Hey kid. A jackass like that is not worth a goddamn spit. Be glad that you are out & you are given another chance to open a new relationships , just don't get too serious next time, this is a replaceable society , I know , I learned the hard way too. That kind of pain will heal with time, trust a stranger,on this one. I am 42 I still don't know what I am doing sometimes. People here can agree with me with this.
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