Broken Wings

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    Broken Wings

    Broken wings
    They come from hard life experiences.
    When you are born, you come with set of beautiful, glowing white wings.
    Over time, life can add feathers or rip them out,
    During my life, my feathers have been ripped out one-by-one and in handfuls,
    All too early life left me with featherless wings that could no longer support me.
    As I began to fall, I wondered why I tried to fly in the first place.
    When I hit the ground I decided that I was better off not ever getting up.
    Then as I lay there my wings begin to grow new feathers.
    As a breath of wind comes I decide to try and fly again.
    Just as I begin to think that I can fly again, I fall.
    I fall harder than before,
    I hit the ground with more force than before.
    I want to be able to fly so much I let this happen time and time again.
    Over time I learned to just stay down, to believe I could never ever fly.
    Now, as I clip off my wings completely and teach myself to walk, I look up.
    There, high above me, are all my friends and family, flying with their beautiful wings.
    I look around me and I see no one.
    I think “This is my life, better get used to it”.
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    wow!! awesome :heart:
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