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  1. brokenbrain38

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    Hello group, I have never done this before. I have attempted 3 times in my 38 years and like a coward I failed. I married my wife 2 years ago. In feb, I got so depressed I tried for my 3rd time and she had come home in time. Our relationship has always been rough but got more so after that.2 Months ago she asked me to stay at my brothers for a few days. I have not been back since. While I was out of town She moved all my personal stuff out of our home. She then tried to take my car because it is in her name nut I make the payments. She and I haven't had a conversation in 2 months. I call her I text her..... and nothing. I filed legal separation so that she couldn't get the car. I feel so alone. So discarded. I think about the END a lot but I think my meds keep me calm. Why does it feel so hard? I feel darkness and cold inside.
  2. Petal

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    Hi and welcome. I'm really sorry for what you are going through and I can relate to those feelings a lot. Do you think you will end up back with your wife, sorry if this is a more personal question but do you still love her? Marriage counselling might help if you two could get back as a couple. Talk to us here, there's no need to be alone in what you are going through. Have you sought any help for your suicidal thoughts? I wish you the best.
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    Have you been communicating with your wife openly the whole time?
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