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    my day yesterday was pretty rotten with mothers day and all...but then went to the barn to see my baby boy...figured everything would be ok but this woman whom i do not respect but am pleasant to because she is the owners granddaughter walked over while i was in the stall with deck and said: "its just a loss we all have them, get over it and urself and move on...there are better things in life to worry bout besides a dead woman who didnt care about u or else she would have told u how sick she was from the beginning, so just get over it already!" i couldnt get out of the stall or away from her still she left...i just sunk down into the hay and cried til nothing more came...i didnt care who walked in and saw me crying it didnt matter anymore.....just let everything pour out of me like a broken hour glass....

    maybe thats why i feel so broken inside
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    :hug: I'm so sorry this is hurting Meg.
    That girl is an absolute bitch. You have every right to be sad about your loss. I know this is not going to sound reassuring, but coping with it will eventually get easier.

    Be strong!
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    I don't know who you lost but I am so sorry.....
    that woman has no soul......if you believe in karma then she is in for a rude awakening...
    take care of yourself ....:hug: