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  1. I celebrated Julian's 12th anniversary with little event or problems.

    Some days I think of him once or twice, and I go about with my job, life, etc.

    Other days there's nothing else I can think about.

    I lost everything I cherished on November 28th, 1996.

    12 fucking years, and I cannot let go, or find consolation.

    I miss my brother, and I want him back.
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    I'm sorry Ze'ev. I know how hard it is lose someone so close to you.
    Have you tried therapy to help you with this. I know the pain doesn't ease much but therapy can help you to cope :hug:

    I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

    Thinking of you...Lynn :cuddle2:
  3. thanks Sweetheart.

    It's been a rough evening, having just found out my good friend Gabrielle *FAL1* has recently passed away, coupled with the loss of my brother, its a tough yoke to wear.

    *hug* love you all so very much

    Gabriel~*yes, me and Gabrielle share the same name*
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    I'm sure your brother is watching over you, and he wouldn't want you to be in pain either.

    Loss is a process. You grieve, and when you have grieved all you can, you slowly accept and move on. Accepting does not equate to forgetting, it is putting your heart at rest in the knowledge your brother is in a safe place, and knowing that nothing can take your memories of him away from you.

    If you don't grieve properly - and that's often through no fault of your own - then it can drag on. 12 years is a long time. Perhaps you have to give it a go again with the help of a therapist?

    Take care
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    You will always miss your brother Gabe. He was an important part of your life. As you have already seen, with time it no longer becomes the focus of all your time. Some days, especially those around anniversaries, can be especially tough.You know you can get through them. You will always have your memories of Julian. Think about those that bring you happiness. Remember his smile. His laugh. Think of the love you shared. These are things that can warm your heart. Yes, you miss them, but they remain with you forever. No one can steal them away. julian lives on through you. :hug:
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I just loss my cousin recently So I understand your pain.I know you miss him very much Because he was your brother.But don't feel alone, His soul is always with you.
    Take care and God bless you.