Brother's getting out of control.

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Em1, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Em1

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    Personally i'm not a drug person. sure i took a few pills, not truely trying to overdose or i don't know. but right now my brother is taking Cokain. i don't know much about it but when on it he told me he also takes valium and other pills and his weed. i don't mind him smoking weed, i've done it and the worst it does is make you high. and i'm not forgetting all the "alleged" mental illnesses that sprang from it. truth is our family has a history for them anyway. either way, i swear his friend Ryan puts him up to stealing pills from my mum's med cupboard and it's not just him going to get into trouble for that. it's my mum and anyone knowing he was doing it and selling them. my real fear is he already had a anger issue before he started with all of this, but now he is worse. he has hit me somtimes othertimes he will accuse me of taking his stuff. i don't want to call the police on him, he's my brother and my mum would hate me forever, and so would his two year old doughter as well as my sister in law. i'm not sure what can be done exept hope he changes or snapps out of it.
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    If he is violent to you he will be violent to his daughter You need to protect yourself and others from him. Calling the police will force him into rehab to get help It would be a start of healing i would expect Don't leave it until he does harm someone
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    I am a recovering cocaine addict and even though I didn't usually have the anger or paranoia with the drug, I would get very angry and violent when I would come down. Maybe try to talk to him when he's already calm. But don't accuse and bombard with anger even if that's what you're feeling. Express concern and tell him you love him. I hope all goes well and works out for his sake and your families.
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