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    Came home, went on my brothers ps3. He lets me so its okay lol. He came home and i asked if i could have a little longer on it. He told me i could have half a hour longer if my boyfriends best mate came online to play agaisnt him. But come on like i am getting my bf's best mate to come over to my bf's house to play a game. Well i told him no, i wasnt doing that and i would come off it now. I turned the ps3 off and exited the room.

    Walked into mine, turned the laptop on, put some music on and prepared to chill after college. He bursts in, my door hitting my wall making a dent. He calls me fat, emo, a freak. That i have no right to live and i should just do people a favour and go kill myself. This is because i turned his ps3 off when he wanted to go on it. Whats to stop him turning it back on?

    He walks out. I storm over to MY door and shut it. A few seconds later it slams open in front of me and my brother is there glaring at me for no reason -_- we have that whole i shut my door he slams it open. Eventually i cant control it. I pull open my door, and go to punch him, he protects his head cause thats where i aim and i force him into his room. Shouting at him to leave me alone, leave my door alone, and get away from me.

    I leave him to his room and i storm back into mine. I turn my music back on and i punch the wall trying to relieve me of my anger. My hand hurts now. He comes back into my room calmly this time. He says i think i am hard (how this is i dont know, i only attacked him out of anger and self defence and never told him i was) and if i ever hit him again he would "do me in".

    I cant tell my parents he is their favourite. And as soon as my mother walked in he was super nice to her so she thinks he is a awesome son atm.

    This isnt the first time it has happened, apart from me attacking him i have never done that before, but the abuse from him. It keeps happening. I dont need this. I am dealing with PTSD and that is getting to me too and i cant tell any of my family about my PTSD aswell as this :( I dont need this i dont know how to cope anymore. I can only be told to kill myself and that everyone would be better off before i start believing it.
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    Sorry to hear that. I took doorhandle out of the other site of my door. When my sis haunted me I run my room and close the door and when she tried to push tools to doorhandle hole I push them back on my doorhandle...