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Buddy's Mother seems judgemental...

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by jjjoooggg2, May 9, 2010.

  1. jjjoooggg2

    jjjoooggg2 Well-Known Member

    I can see a fiancee's mother being judgemental. But has anyone noticed a buddy's mother being judgemental. Seems like she wants to know how I graduated, why, do I know what my calling is in life. She keeps saying her son is smart. I know her son well. She tries to make simple answers to delimmas that are red herrings. She has no clue what are my family problems are. Why don't she just never mind.

    People at work are judgemental. But I'd expect some slack from a friend's mother.
  2. jjjoooggg2

    jjjoooggg2 Well-Known Member

    She asked indirectly. So if I talk about myself ill look arrogant.
  3. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Some people are just like that naturally... she probably is judgmental of every person she meets. Try not to take it too personally.
  4. Pow

    Pow Well-Known Member

    My mothers like that. She's very ignorant and judges everyone.
    Just don't get worked up, i'm sure your friends mother is like that to everyone she meets.