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I want a bird! Specifically a cockatiel >:
But its hard to have birds when you have
Like a million candles and incense and air fresheners
being used..it can kill birds because they breathe that stuff. >:
Also if you cook with teflon pans they breathe in noxious fumes.
Birds are adorable. I wish you luck!


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I have a friend who has nine cockatiels!

But I've never had a pet bird myself. They do look super cute though, I agree. Little birdiesss. <3


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I had a budgie when I was younger.

It was terrified of us and would just sit in it's cage not moving like an Ornament. When nobody was in the room we would hear it running around and chirping but as soon as we entered the room it would just sit there motionless again! Was kind of pointless!

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I had 3 budgies and they are adorable birds! They can learn to talk but they don't always learn. Mine could do imitations of things though. I think they had pretty good personalities, especially the last one. They are easy to care for but need lots of attention since they are sociable creatures.


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I have had 4 parakeets throughout my life, I still have the cages too. They are interesting to have and I regret it seems mine just didn't live long, it was a bummer for sure.

Either way the sound can become troublesome, chiefly at night. We learned to just get a light towel and cover the cage so they were comfortable and slept, it was nice. I did enjoy interacting with them throughout the day though, whistling back and forth.
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