Built up anger

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    Sorry if someone finds this offensive...but im gonna say whats been pissing me off and triggering me to react harsely to this world

    - Taxes (20% of paycheque to government, yet they screw up SO hard)
    - Insurance (just cause im 22, been driving since 16 AND 1 ticket and accident i cant get insurance in ontario FUCK THEM)
    - Work (Angry customers, new to job, cant tell customers im new or it makes them "angrier")
    - Girls (being all bitchy and flirty at same time....make up your damm mind, dont play fucking mind games and leave me high and dry"
    - Parents (lie to me over my teens, act like its nothing...then expect help when the lies they told me come out...like thanks for the whole "always tell the truth " bullshit

    -Collection agencies(harassing me 24/7, calling me at like 1am...showing up at my place at 9pm to ask to come in FUCK OFF i pay 10$/month thats all they getting)

    - Friends(make plans days in advance then cancel the night before, use me for my money or niceness..or as my counceller calls it "welcome mat"
    - Doctors(tell me to try new pills for my depression but when i need other types of medicine it takes MONTHS to get it..."inhaler for asthma"
    - Education(Pay so much in tuition only to have professors to say "google it", then the strike to remove extra curriclar activities for younger students)

    - Strangers...they honestly dont a give fuck about my life or about helping others...i blame it on either the parents or the aquaintances because of the attitude...i tried to help people all the time, i have a weird problem where i think i NEED to help someone but then others say im ignorant for helping that person because they didnt ask for help...what happened to the old days where everyone helped each other in a neighbour hood...

    - Cops(powertrips, pulling people over for no reason "just checking license and registration" isnt a 100% valid reason if the driver following the RULES OF THE FUCKING ROAD)

    - Shops (automatically giving me the dirty look cause i have a fur hoodie coat and look like a "bad person")
    Phew...sorry i had to vent bout the immediate things bothering me in life
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    Hope it helped to vent. I dont have anything to say, just wanted to note that I listened.
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    Sometimes it feels good to do that.