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sorry for wasting space
To many peopla I care about here having problems
I dont want to let them know to much about this
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you are not wasting space, and i will be here if and when you are ready to talk about why you made this post...

you can PM me if you want. i used to be bulimic
Tnx you both :hug:
But I'm ok
And at the moment
I need to think about
a few other people


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Bulb. I know why you are doing it I think. You are very beautiful Woman. You dont need to go about it that way, or by taking stacker 2. Just watch what you eat. Cut out red meat and sugar and empty carbs.

That is all.
You dont know why I do it, its not because the media shows thin as beauty. I think people with what more weight can be beautifull too. I know when it goes to far. I'm a vegetarien, stopped eating sugar etc. I have always had problems with my weight, from binge to not eating. I finally have the feeling I'll be able to controll it, and that makes me happy. Maybe thats sad, but it makes my happy. Gives me more hope for the future, that I might can control other things than this.


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:hug: s hun. I think there are better ways to gain control over things , but I do understand where you are coming from. Please be careful hun.

Sa Palomera

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hey hun :hug: for you

I'm really sorry to hear this, eventhough you are happy about it. I'm here for you Blub, we've talked about this on MSN and you know I'm here for ya, never forget that :hug:

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