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Ok... what started out as a digestive problem has now turned into an eating disorder. I had problems digesting certain foods, they would eventually come back right up. I went to the dr. who prescribed Nexium for the problems.

Now it's become habit to binge and purge... I went from size 16 to size 4 in a matter of 6 months. I know alot of it was from stress (with everything else I was going through)... but I think it's become something more serious.

Any advice?



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I can really relate to this because I have digestive problems too, and it has led to me restricting.

First off I would suggest going back to your doc and explaining how this problem has progressed, maybe try and see if you can see a dietician or a nutritionalist and see if they can offer anything to help.

You have to want to stop purging in order to stop (I am not talking about the vomitting that may come with digestive problems, I am talking about the deliberate act of binging and purging).

If you do want to stop the purging then you might want to try some of these things, After eating try and have some company, or go out and get a hobby. Try eating little and often so that you are not binging. Everytime you fight the urge to b/p treat yourself to something positive like a pair of shoes you wanted, or a girlie night or something. Try and talk to someone that you live with, or spend a lot of time with about what you have been doing, and how you are trying to fight it, and then they can help you (alongside that, maybe you could ask your doc to refer you to a counsellor or someone, you mention that you have been stressed, having someone to talk to about the stress and to help you deal with the inner pain might really benefit you).

Ideally if you can stabilise your eating, ie learn that it is a good thing to eat a healthy amount without purging, then you will conquer it, but it is easier said than done.

I hope some of what I have said might help, and if you ever want to chat feel free to pm me

Take care and good luck
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