Bullied because of my bf

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  1. Breathe

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    Recently my college "mates" met my boyfriend. i didnt want them to meet because my boyfriend loves to embrass me and my "mates" dont like me as it is. I call them "mates" with the quote marks because for the this year of college i have only got abuse from them, rumours and snide remarks.
    I have found out they think he is a "freak" and they want to punch him for some reason which has not been explained further than being a "freak" which itself has no grounds. He just is hyper and was calling me hot and stuff -.-' My "mates" did settle down before this, the rumours stopped and they started paying attention to my opinions in class. Now i am getting rumours spread again, emails sent to me calling me and my boyfriend a freak and they all are laughing at me. I hate it. I really dont understand why they want to "punch" him though =/
    i dont want to tell my boyfriend what he has caused because i dont want our love spoilt. I dont care what the "mates" think, i just want the abuse to finish, how do i make it stop?
  2. greyroses

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    holy crap, that sounds horrible. not just the abuse but im shocked at how your friends are treating both of you. unacceptable. ive been in a situation where i did not in anyway like my friends boyfriend but i was still polite even when i had to spend time with him. i would really say screw them and focus on your relationship. try looking for a new group...the one your in now seems more interested in beating you down than helping you shine.
  3. aoeu

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    Block your "mates" e-mail and phones and never speak to them again.
  4. Breathe

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    I cannot find a new group to hang out with and i cannot just simply ignore them, thats the point. Only three out of the whole class are okay with me. I have to deal with their comments in the lessons aswell as after class or in breaks. I cant just ignore them, i need their help to get good marks as my course involves units which need teamwork or are group activitys. I could easily just be a loner of the class if it wasnt for this.
    i dont know what to do ><
  5. wibble

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    then be a loner, breathe.

    Seriously, if these people are getting at you all the time, screw them. sack them off and find some new friends.

    If you don't think you can, why not go out and try doing a new activity or something, maybe something your boyfriend does for fun?

    I was in pretty much your situation at school and I ended up starting warhammer (playing with toy soldiers). Its a pretty geeky thing for me to do, but I've met my best friends through there and having that support structure outside of school helped me cope with the dickheads in school.
  6. flayflow

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    no one likes being bullied. i know what its like. either have a word with them or open up ur friend base a bit. sttart talking to others and soon enough you might find a new and better group to be with