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    Whether it is or isn't, I feel like I'm the footstool for everyone. It seems that everytime I turn around, someone else is pissed off at me. ***** for God know's what, *** for something, ***** for some shit I did, **** for something I said, *** for my beliefs and practices, ****** for something that's none of his business, and ***** for something entirely unrelated to everything else! It feels like I can't do shit right...even when I try I get a knife in the back or a threat to my face. I try to help those I can, sacrificing more that I should. Money, time, emotional support, blood, sweat, energy, time, EVERYTHING! I don't get much back. Does that bother me? Yes. Why? Because I try to fix what I can and then someone else is pissed off at me for something. Rarely get a thank you, rarely get a pack of smokes out of the deal. Hell, I don't even get a thank you fucking anymore. Bullshit all of it.
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    Same with me. I sort of deal with it by creating a tight knit group of friends to back me up. And I always spend Sunday with my family. Wait.... today's Sunday. OK most Sunday's I spend with my family.

    Is there no one at all you can just trust to be your friend?
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    thank you for being so sweet, every time and always
    -big hug for andrea :)