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Bullying lil bro

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I know everyone here will probably hate me after this post but I currently am having a problem of bullying my lil brother, but I don't just do it on a daily basis only on bad days mostly because alto of bad things have happened in my life and I just need to let it all out anger is the only way for me to get it out I punch holes on my walls everday and hit everything up then afterwards feel sooooooo sad :( any suggestions to calm down anger nothing usually helps.


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When i was young, I thought I was going to explode, there would just be a big bang and bits of me all over the place, i would get that wound up sometimes.

I just used to storm off, go to a quiet peacefull place (fields a 5 minute bike ride from my house then) and scream, shout, throw stones then think things over for an hour or two.

Having been on both sides of bullying, both physical and mental, next time you want to take it out on you little brother, just stop for a second and imagine in your mind the worst experience you have had, being bullied, or just in general, picture that time and how it made you feel, is that really the person you want to be for your little brother, his worst experiance in life.

My older brother bullied me and I took it on myself never to be like that with my younger brother when he arrived, ok we fell out, a lot, but are still to this day very close, my older brother and I never really got along, today he wants to be all lovey, dovey, best mates type stuff, but I'll never be able to have that kind of relationship with him, because of silly things that happened nearly 30 years ago.

It can hurt that much to be on the recieving end.
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