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    A lot of people seem to think bullying is ok. That it's funny. That the one being bullied "deserves" it somehow. Well it's not ok. It's not funny. I'm fucking sick of seeing it.
    I was bullied a TON in middle school. I was pushed down, I was stolen from, I was insulted, and picked on just because I was a small girl and an easy target. All of these kids had problems at home and they took it out on little kids like me. I watched them do it to my friends too, and sometimes they were even worse. I would stand up for them and just get pushed back. Sometimes I'd get so angry I'd nearly hit them, and that was the only time they actually backed off. Which is sad, you know? Oh, big man, scared of a 4'6 tall girl. You're not tough for harassing people, you're a coward. This goes for online trolling as well. I get harassed a lot on the internet too, and I know it's going to happen, I mean, it IS the internet. But it still fucking hurts. Some people can be really cruel. Have any of you ever stopped to think that your words can KILL someone? People might take your foolish insults to heart and can hurt themselves. Does that really make you feel good about yourself??? And if you've ever been in that situation where your bullying has actually KILLED someone, you should be ashamed.
    My fiance was bullied in middle school and high school for being overweight. He became depressed to the point of not caring whether or not he lived or died. The people he thought were his friends would throw things at him and call him cruel things.
    When we were seniors in high school, these kids (who were also seniors) would talk about us behind our backs while we were right there. RIGHT there. Like we couldn't hear them. One time one of them threw an apple core at us at lunch. I picked it up and threw it back at him becuase I was sick of taking shit from bullies for the past 6+ years. Not to mention these kids also made fun of the clothes I wore and because I was bisexual. But they never did it to my face. They'd just point and snicker and talk about me under their breath, like cowards.
    Watching people hurt others to the point of depression and self harm is starting to drive me insane and I can't believe people would be this cruel.
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    I am really sorry to hear about what you and your fiance went through, and feel really bad that it has to happen to anyone. I was bullied too, and I don't understand why people feel the need to make others feel so small, even to the point where they no longer want to live. I wrote a will when I was 15, sitting in class, because I no longer wanted to live. I doubt anyone knew, or how they made me feel. Even friends made jokes about me dying, and thought it was funny. I had it bad, maybe not physically but it was still psychologically damaging. I still haven't gotten over it all. I wish people understood how much their words can hurt, and that it isn't funny or a game. Again I'm sorry this happened to you, but you know that you are much better than the people who put you down, and remember that you are a good person.
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    Thanks, that really means a lot.
    I was never really beaten, but I was pushed and put down a lot to the point where I felt small and worthless. Not to mention I was emotionally and verbally abused by my ex-girlfriend and THAT made me try committing suicide 3 times. She always refused to apologize too...
    After everything I've gone through I no longer am able to just sit there and take it. I was bullied for being gay in junior year by a girl, I got her sent to the principals office and she got in a massive amount of trouble for discrimination and harassment.
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    I think that words can sometimes hurt worse than being physically hurt. Don't worry about anyone who puts you down, they aren't worth your time. That's good that you are standing up for yourself, I still need to learn to not let others walk all over me. I started to believe I deserved that, but I have to change my thinking.
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    I can understand and appreciate what verbal bullying and the occasional drop of physical can do. But I have a slightly different theory on it. Yes, words alone when prolonged for a lengthy period of time can have a severe adverse effect, but at the same time, it's down to each individual just how much they let it affect them. Perhaps I got used to it very early on (2 older brothers, one of the best in math at school be it primary 4-11 or secondary 11-16), that I tend not to believe anything I don't think is true of me.

    As for the physical side, that's a bit harder to ignore when hounded by a couple of groups for what seemed to be no reason. But I must have been good enough at avoiding confrontations because I think I had this issue a handful of times at most.

    Many people who do bully either follow a ringleader, are jealous of something you can do that they can't, were bullied themselves or because you are different. So you're a bit shorter in height and bi. What positives can I take from them? Good things come in small packages (a nice quote if utilised wisely), and being bi doubles your options of potential partners - and that's just off the top of my head.

    And for your fiancé, being overweight could be medical, could be physical (food intake vs exercise), a mixture of both of something else maybe that I don't know. But he has you and you have him. You love each other. And that is fantastic to hear given the backgrounds. Others can 'get stuffed' for being cruel, but the best way to be is to focus on the two of you (and not lose yourself along the way).
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    Thanks. <:3

    These kids that bullied us during senior year did it just because we were different and because they thought it'd be funny. They did it to a lot of other people and no one really liked them because of it. They didn't have a real reason to bully anyone. Not to mention one of them is heavily racist, so he's cruel and immature by nature.
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    Right. I used to blame everything on myself. This was someone I loved with all of my heart, and all she did was hurt me. I don't know why she hated me so much, all I did was love her. Eventually I realized being with her was making me sick and I told her off. I still can't stand the sight of her to this day.
    After all of that I don't put up with being pushed around anymore...I couldn't after all of these years. I'd learned my lesson.
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    Strong words.