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Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by -Sunset-, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. -Sunset-

    -Sunset- Well-Known Member

    I wish I had access to all this site when I was in my lower years at


    In both primary school, secondary school, and my years at high school were

    made complete hell by bullys. I have always been too scared to stand up for

    myself. I used to get smacked pretty harshly by my parents when I was

    younger, to an extent it done me good, kept me in line. But now im

    realising the effects it has had on me. I could never hit my parents back

    when I was younger, I learnt that when they shout at you, smack you,

    whatever, you always obey them.

    In primary school I had a few friends, but not many. There was this one lad

    who I was always good friends with, yet one day, he turned on me for no

    apparent reason, an he used to bully me. He found this watch on the floor,

    he kept it, and there was a button that said "lock-on". At playtimes and

    stuff he used to find me, press the button, say it was locked onto me, then

    he would give me 10 seconds to run before he would catch me an beat me up.

    I couldn't get away from it, I felt trapped, I had nowhere to go. The

    bruises down my legs were a regular sight, ones I tried to keep hidden from

    my family, for fear they would see me as weak, which to a certain extent I

    am. But one day mum saw the bruises and she flipped, demanding how I got

    them. I told her the truth and she went up the school and that was the end

    of it for me. I then made friends with this other lad in primary school, we

    were great mates, yet as soon as we went to middle school, he made new

    friends and then they were known as "the gang" and all throughout middle

    school they bullied me. This old friend then made my life hell, demanding I

    do things for him. He often used to try to make me kiss a brick wall, which

    I never did, but he insisted that I either do that or get a beating. I just

    took the beating. I used to have to hide from them at break and lunch time

    to stop this from happening. I know this doesn't sound much, but it was

    extremely intimidating. Nobody stuck up for me, and nobody cared. I'd done

    nothing to deserve it. I just wanted to get on with my life. There were so

    many incidents throughout middle and high school that it would take forever

    to list them. I often felt alienated. There was no-one there for me. No-one

    to turn to. No one to help me. Getting beaten up after school was a regular

    occurence, and I hate every single one of them who ever put me through all

    that crap. Shoving grass in my mouth whilst being pinned down to the floor,

    being kicked in the head, having fag butts put out on my ear, having my

    school bag set alight to, having water poured into my locker, having my

    coat put in the toilet, looking back on it, I really don't know how I

    coped. But one things for sure, I should never have let it start.

    You have to stand up for yourself in life, otherwise these kinda people

    will walk all over you whenever they get the chance. Don't take crap from

  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Good grief :mad: I sat and read this and fumed :mad:

    How you must have hated school. I am so sorry that you didn't feel you could go to anyone about this:sad: Sounds as if having such a strict upbringing made it difficult for you to stand up for yourself and the nasty kids just picked up on it. Seems as if people aren't allowed to be nice anymore :mad:

    Hope you can put all this behind you and that your adult years will be happier. :hug:
  3. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I think many of us have been subjects of bullying at some satge in our life unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your story as mean/sad as it was to read. :)
  4. -Sunset-

    -Sunset- Well-Known Member

    I know its the way the world is, but I really wish there wasn't so many nasty people out there. I wish that everyone would get along with each other, or at least not be so downright spineless. Is that really too much to expect from this life?
  5. babycheeses

    babycheeses Active Member

    It seems to me that those who can take a beating are a lot tougher than those who dish it out.

    I was subjected to bullying (cause of my voice, strange behaviour and not being good as sport etc etc).

    But I caused some of it too.
    In primary school I teased a girl because of her weight and told her I would beat her in a running race easily.
    This known bully in school said "oright lets see how u do in a race then." I didn't wanna lose face so I went along with it; so did she.
    As soon as we started the bully guy tripped me over on the pavement and I shredded my right hip on the gravel and couldn't sit properly for two weeks.

    That bully guy eventually got expelled and I never saw him again. But that situation made me wonder where he was really coming from. He was a bully but he stuck up for the underdog, rather than try to be cool. Mind you, he also punched a filling of mine out for no reason and told me he'd murder my parents, so he was no great saviour.

    The girl and I later became good friends (though I haven't seen her for a few years due to life taking us in different directions).

    For me school was just this pit for bullying. Everyone did it in some way or another and I was so glad to get out of there (not just because I was teased but because I'd been a bit of an arshole at times too).
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