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for all my life, everyone whos ever claimed to be my friend, has acted like i was a burden in his/her life..because thats all i am..i dont deserve a friend because im annoying and noone wants to listen to me..and if they do, they find me depressing and dont talk to me anymore..i dont deserve this, and nor do any of you who are going through the same thing :cry:


Neither do I^^^
Those "friends" sound like shitty people if they wont listen to your pain. I think they are the ones undeserving of someone as great as you
Being your age can be difficult. In fact, without nostalgia goggles, being 16 sucks.

I have no advice for you. Oh, except this: try to get older without killing yourself. You'll die one day anyway. Enjoy the wait.

No, wait, scratch that. That sounded shitty.

Either try to stop believing that you're a burden to others or stop caring.

Wait, no. Shit, I suck at this. I don't actually know anything about you, so I can't really give you advice.

Just... carry on. You seem to be doing well enough. You're obviously a nice person. Keep it up.
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