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  1. TJ

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    so i realised after reading thru a couple of pages of this forum that not many ppl burn ? i maybe wrong in that amustion but please dunt hold it against me .. anyways so im a burner i dunt get the effeckts from cutting as much so i turned to burning i was doing really well for just over a month i havent dune anything until today .... now ive started i just cant stop , is this because ive held off for so long ? ive tried talking about it but that hasnt worked ... distraction didnt work either i just cant stop thinking about it :( i dunt noe what to do anymore
  2. Rose24

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    :hug: I burn too. I find ice really helps. Hold onto an ice cube or wash your arms (or wherever else) in very cold water. Other than that, hide whatever it is you burn with. To be honest I don’t think talking about self harm ever helps the situation, distractions work though, they help you "forget" about the urges.
  3. Drekono

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    i agree that destroying all your lighters or other burning items is the best thing to do. Just be careful please. i know when ever i cant find something to burn with ill just automatically turn to cutting. and if i cant find a blade i turn to breaking my knuckles on walls. if what you do is burning then perhaps not having instruments will be enough to get you past this. Try to get out and be with someone else. It is easier to not self harm when your with someone else since you obviously cant do it right in front of them :) I Hope you will be ok <3
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