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  1. Alexouther

    Alexouther Account Closed

    The only time I can stop feeling all of these conflicting emotions is when the paperclip touches my skin. I desperately want another solution.
  2. Alexouther

    Alexouther Account Closed

    But every time I try one it gets stifled. I tried the rubber bands and the teachers told me to stop. I don't have the courage to tell them I do it as opposed to burning.
  3. non-existent

    non-existent Active Member

    One question first, you burn yourself in school? (I thought so for you said teacher told you to stop using the rubber band).

    I do also burn. It helps, but it only helps as long as the pain lasts... Please take care of yourself and think about the dangers of burning, for example infections.
  4. Johnnyc

    Johnnyc Well-Known Member

    non-existent is correct burns are more prone to infection.
    I am not encouraging that act of burning, but if you must burn keep the area clean.
    If it's a bad burn I always recommend you see a doctor if not get some silvadene cream (you can get this stuff at most drug stores) and loosely bandage the burn.
  5. Alexouther

    Alexouther Account Closed

    Yeah I do... I normally go behind the school between classes
  6. non-existent

    non-existent Active Member

    That does not sound good... though it's easier to hide than cutting... Is it because you have problems in school?

    Maybe you could do what I sometimes do to replace burning (I suppose you use the lighter). You let the lighter burn, then put the flame out and put the hot metal on the skin. But you don't press it on the skin, but pull it over the skin so you feel pain but don't burn the skin. If you have found out the right intensity, it is painful but only leaves the skin a bit red which will fade in the next few minutes or hours.
    (I do this (at home) with larger things like the ends of knifes or other thick metal things and do on areas like the whole arm for really nothing will happen if you are careful. After that, I hold the arm under very warm water (as hot as a very hot shower), which is also very painful for the irritated skin can't stand warmth. As long as there are no blisters, skin stays healthy and not one notices. It is good as it is not the pain of a 3rd degree burn, but you can have it more often and longer. I see this as a skill, maybe it will work for you.)

    Sorry if you didn't understood anything, my English isn't perfect at all, if something is not clear just ask.
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