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    I don't want to be a burnout anymore...I can never stay committed to one thing, work and home are starting to get real bad. I've lost my friends and everyone around me, even my sister is barely talking to me. I don't want to stop smoking marijuana of course because i'm scared i'll end up in the hospital...but nothing has any meaning to me now, i feel as if i don't have any goals in my life anymore(buying a house, finding a partner and having children)...It's been 2 years straight, i know that doesn't sound like a lot, but oh it is. It's hard to get away from it too because almost everyone i know does it. I just wish it was easier to stop, wish it was easier to accept the fact that i'm crazy and i need some sort of medication to make me better. I just go about everyday telling myself that i'm going to be ok, and nothing is going to happen because i have to pay A LOT of money a month to live...and if i didn't have that job, i'd be screwed so i'm just telling myself i'm "ok". I haven't told anyone about my thoughts, think this is the first time...wow
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    Keep talking, we are listening.
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    I'm gonna take a guess that the marijuana has some factor in why you feel you don't have any goals in life anymore. Also the loneliness and depression also play some factor into this.
    Do you not have anybody in your life that your close to?
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    You need to set yourself some small acheivable goals, Once you start seeing positive results then throw in a long term goal..You will eventually rebuild your self esteem..Everyone wants to be happy with a soul mate, house, kids but in todays world it takes alot of work to acheive these things.. There are so many obstacles to get hung up on..All you can do is keep pushing forward and hopefully it will be enough for you to have these things..