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Burns Depression Checklist - Find out how depressed you are

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James in the chat room has converted a checklist from pdf format into html format so that you can find out roughly how depressed you are, it's called the Burns Depression Checklist, it's very simple, here's the link:

Burns Depression Checklist


I've just done the test above. I scored 70! :eek: I knew things were difficult, but this is just taking the piss!


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I got a 74...surprised it was that low...but who knows...guess that's good, or maybe I just don't really see how bad I actually am...


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Interesting cklist, I didn't know I was moderately depressed (45). I know some of you may laugh. I just took it for fun thinking I'm not depressed, but simply worried about events in my life. Good indicator I think.
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I got a 96, that's an A, right? the only thing I answered 'None at all' for was crying. The 15 year drought that my soul has experienced dried all of my tears. I don't have any moisture left in me.


I came up with a new joke today:

Non-alcoholic beer: piss water without the fun ;)
I got a score of 100.
Think i am depressed?
Nothing helps, not a doctor, not my family.
It just will not go away.
It's been like this for quite a few years.
I just keep holding on......and i don't even really know why.
What do i do?
I sometimes just want to close my eyes and go to sleep........


wow, now 86 really doesn't make me feel better about myself.

Faith, what is botherinbg you that no-one can seem to help you with? Keep in there and keep posting.


I got an 86 now what? Can't afford a doctor or meds so I guess I will continue to hang out here until I get the nerve to end it.


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i got 62, its not as bad as some of you but i still wonder what the hell i'm meant to do about it, sometimes i can be ontop of the world then others i stop caring and just slide into my current state. i think this is also affecting the way people i know think of me, but i still hope some of them, or rather ONE of them likes me... that just sounds dumb but at the moment i really don't care
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