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    i fucking hate those obnoxious idiots that are STUPID and INCONSIDERATE enough to just throw a fucking cigarette butt out of their car window. do they not even realise how much damage they cause on days like yesterday?! i mean our house and property would have been burnt if the wind didn't change!! and even so because the wind DID change it made the fire front twenty kilometres wide, and tore through heaps and heaps of houses. we live next door to farmers - their land is their livelihood. our area is not meant to be this susceptable to bushfires. i mean, almost all of kinglake national park was on fire - i could see it from our verandah - and that's something i REALLY don't want to see again. and i definitely don't want to see a fire front like that to come tearing up the hill again either. its so damn loud and the flames are higher than you could imagie - way past the tree tops.

    i'm just so pissed off because a good few of these fires could DEFINITELY have been prevented. i mean sure fine sometimes they cant be stopped, like from lightning or whatever, but its just the fucking arsonists or inconsiderate idiots who go and start them on purpose. just... arrrrrgghh!!!!!
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    Absolutely sucks deaf,
    Im in perth away from the fires so i cant imagine how scary it must be living so close, but i have much family scattered throughout rural VIC and NSW.
    i fear for them. and you. i hope our land recovers from these disasters.
    i hope you remain safe, and all yours with you.

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    I guess it could be worse. Close call - we live quite literally next door to Kinglake. Our house is spared but some of my friends are in hospital with burns, and they've lost their houses too. Thankfully no one I know of has died, but there are people I dont know about. Scared shitless, but it could be worse.

    and its still not over either.
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    Sorry to hear about ur near miss & ur friends...im from Sydney & boy wot a day it was here! we've got a bushfire not far north of the city, as u mite know...but i can only imagine the hell u have gone thru' & still are...
    i totally agree re: arsonists...they should definately be charged with & convicted for murder, mass-murder!!!:mad::mad::mad:
    hope things settle down there very soon...im watching it on tv now...tc:hug::hug: :hug:
    i really admire & respect the brave fire-fighters, they've got guts, my nephew is one & im very proud of him !!!
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    im not in Aus but have been following this via News Limited and my thoughts go out to you all in this terrible situation.

    after the extreme heat, you are getting this as well.

    Nature can be a harsh thing.

    edit: Arsonists will face murder charges when caught - at least those caught will be punished (but why would people do such a thing in the first place?)
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    i had someone show a picture of them to me
    its so sad :hug:
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    People just don't think, either that or they sadly don't care. The bushfires are awful, keep yourself safe TDM :hug: x
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    I went to school today and almost regretted it. we were under threat from embers. Not anymore though. We're stuck in between the Kinglake and Strathewan fires though, which really sucks. Loads of people at school have lost houses, students as well as teachers, a good few are in hospital. Our school almost got burnt down. One of my friend's dad is still missing. A teacher's missing and his wife, and one of our student's has died - burned in his house - his parents are still unaccounted for but feared dead. There's still people who haven't turned up to school that I can't contact that I'm worried about. There are only three houses left in Kinglake West I think. A few of our teachers didn't come to school today because they were fighting fires. And to top it all off, one of the parents of the kids in my year died of cancer on Sunday.

    It's not a pretty picture here, but it's not all bad.One of my friends and her family hid in their pantry and survived the fires. Another had her neighbours come and help her because she was home alone at the time. Another still lost all the land around their house, but their actual house survived. It could be worse, I guess.

    And it feels weird because theres so many people who are crumbling from grief and so on - including my mum, but I'm not. I can't feel sad while there's other people sad around me. I have to help them, and so my day has consisted of comforting people. I'll feel the brunt of it all probably months after it's over.

    I really hope they find out who those arsonists are. I really badly want to go over and throttle them myself. Fuckwits.

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    I really hope they are tried as terrorists, like that article stated they may...:mad:
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    ok. united states (my native country) let's come to the aid of these people.

    hopefully the arsonists are prosecuted to the final letter of the law - this is mass murder. ...just saw on the news, death toll is rising...........

    and blue wind. . didn't know u had a nephew fire fighter. . .how brave.... and he is IN my prayers.....
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    Thanks for all your replies, guys. I really appreciate it.

    It just hits you so hard because out here everyone knows everyone, and you recognise all the people you see on TV. =.=

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    i agree..

    The arsonist i think need to be locked up for life. i lost my trailer to an arsonist back in November 2007. it has been well over 1 year and the guy is bragging about doing it and getting away with it to a lot of people, and those people are coming up to me on the street telling me that he is bragging about doing it and getting away with it and it peees me off cause the police in the town are doing nothing about it. i lost photos of my dead mother who died when i was 15, lost an antique organ that was my grandmas, trophies that i had won, many things and each time someone comes up to me on the street telling me that the guy is bragging about it i get angry, very angry. it would not be good for me to see this guy in person because if i ever meet up with him i would probably hurt him, cause my anger toward him would take over. i am already mad at the police, cause they are plain stupid. if they werent stupid then they would have already arrested him but no.. they did and do nothing, even with him bragging about it they do nothing and i know for a fact they have heard about him bragging.. and what is the most heart wrenching thing, is since this incident has happened there have been many more homes and trailers and even a tractor that has been burnt down and destroyed by an ( unknown arsonist ) according to the police in the surrounding counites and in the very county my trailer was destroyed and while i cant say for sure he did this to the others i dang well know he did it to mine because hes bragging about it and the worst part of it all is one of these days hes going to hurt someone or even kill them by it... i often wonder if it comes to that could a person or persons bring a major law suite against the county cops for failer to apprehend an arsonist :unsure:
    i tell you if one can then youd better believe i would be in that law suit and sue them. cause if you ask me, they were neglegent because they did not fully investigate the fire. they knew it did not have electric to it so they knew it started by arson yet they did not investigate it fully. i think the next few fires that start i might just contact the property owners and see if it was fully investigated and perhaps even the fires in the past, who knows we might have a major law suite or should i say class action law suite against them.
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    I relate to your situation. I live in Florida and we have fires every year from arsinists and from cigareetes. I'm a smoker but I use the ash tray. Some people are just inconsiderate. It burns me up when I am behind someone and they flick there cigareete out the window. We get them so bad that even with the windows and doors closed smoke still gets in the house. We had to buy some air purifiers so we could breath normal. ~Joseph~
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    I just found out that one of the kids at school lost his brother and parents, and so now it's just him left. It's so unfair, and now the fires are moving up towards northern victoria now. :rant:
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    Ughh. This is fucking awful. D:
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    That's horrible.
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    TDM....sorry to hear of all these 'aftermaths' that are happening there.....U are very BRAVE!!!:hug:
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    That's awful :(