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    Hello and welcome to my new health diary! I have decided enough is enough as far as my unhealthy lifestyle is concerned. I eat too many bad foods, I binge eat, I eat for no reason and I don't do any exercise. I have never been skinny, my body is just not built to be but I was never large either. A mixture of living the unhealthy student lifestyle and depression has contributed to putting on around 3 stone, probably even more than that. I would say 4 stone since I left school 5 years ago. I have been on many diets, so I know they work and that I can lose the weight as I lost about 2 stone in 3 months last year, however, I do not think the diet was realistic and I need to maintain weight, not just lose it then starting eating crap again.

    I am also beginning to feel the strain on my body. I am 21 and I have begun to get sciatica and my bones and body ache when they shouldn't. I get out of puff going up the stairs and if I walk too quickly, on a simple trip to town. This is not good, as I need to remain healthy as I have just got my foot in the door working as a newly qualified staff nurse, so I need to look after myself otherwise I will struggle at work when I get into my 30's and that is not what I want. Also, I am HIV positive, so keeping fit and healthy is vital, as I want to keep off meds for as long as possible.

    I need to be honest with myself if I want to be successful in this, so I thought that keeping a diary would be the best way to go about it. It may also help others who are in the same boat and want to lose weight. I will also include any healthy, tasty recipe's that I come across. I will record what I have eaten daily, include my calorie intake for the day and include what exercise I have done, if any. I will weigh in weekly and take circumference measurements bimonthly to begin with.

    Starting Measurements

    WEIGHT - 15 stone 4 pounds (96.8KG)
    HEIGHT - 5'4 1/2" (164CM)
    BMI - 36

    TARGET WEIGHT - 11 stone 9 pounds (73.9KG)
    TARGET BMI - 28



    I also aim to exercise 3x a week to begin with, which may increase the fitter I get (hopefully!)
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    I applaud your initiative on losing weight :)
    I was really fat myself when I was still in primary school.
    I was really depressed and basically never did any physical exercises or anything because I just didn't have the willpower and just ate all the time.. meh..
    Then I started going to high school, and for that I need to cycle quite a bit and it's helped a lot, also a bit in my self-confidence and self-worth :unsure:
    So my advice would be to start walking or cycling or whatever to shops or your job, or to walk or cycle certain routes in your area (maybe there are woods in your area, maybe you can go there) and it'll get easier once you grow the discipline :)
    Good luck!