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Buying Pills tomorrow

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Since I wasted all my holidays inside and the holidays are over tomorrow I will finally go out and leave my room.

I will go into the pharmacy tomorrow and buy some pills.

I don't know if I will OD tomorrow, very probably not tomorrow, but lately I became more and more suicidal and I can't stand it anymore.

I am not into cutting my wrists, already had that...it sucks.

So I will try it with pills this time.

I will have pills ready just in case i feel suicidal because there have been days when i couldn'T stand this life anymore but had nothing for killing myself since i don't want to cut my wrists again.

So yeah, this time it will be the pills. I will have them ready in the house just in case.

And this case will be very soon I am afraid.

Maybe even tomorrow.


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:sad: Would be terrible if you left us, please I hope you can find some strength to continue on, I really do. There are people here that care about you, myself included, even in the short time youve been here, if you can talk to them, share your thoughts, might make things a bit better. Please reconsider. :hug:
No hun, dont start with pills, dont have them at home. I have to say I really regret taking them. It changed my life. You can damage your insides so badly if you dont go to the hospital and lets say, it really sucks in the hospital. If you do it do it good and with a fucking good reason. I dont know yours, but you cant just take them, just because you're not feeling to good lately. What I see in you, is a girl with lots of potential. I'm sorry life sucks now, but I'm sure you will have a nice future. Just please dont buy them and please hold on and keep hoping.
Pills are not as surefire as you think they may be. How many of us here have gone that route only to find themselves lying in the hospital wishing we had never done that in the first place. Then the ramifications of what was done begins. Please do not purchase any pills or bring them into your home. They are not worth the chance you may take in having them around. Impulsivity is too great if the means are available.
Didn't buy any today.
Didn't have any money.

I will do it in the next time though,

I have planned buying them and I rly need buying them.

I will do in the next days.

Because I can't take my life and I need something for getting this done.


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Hi Edicius, please don't do anything foolish :sad:
Have U talked to a counselor about this? I think that is the first thing U should do, as suicide is not the answer! Do not give up and we are here to talk with U anytime. Whether by pills or by any other means, suicide will only hurt U and those around U. Please see a professional or you can chat with us.
Edicius, I just buried one of my best friends of 25 years last Saturday. He didn't let any of his friends know of any problems whatsoever, instead, he went into his 10-year-old son's room while arguing with his wife, pulled out his service Glock, and blew the back of his head off. This man wanted to die and he succeeded. He was 41 years old.

His closest friends -- there were four of us -- spent 2 hours last Sunday cleaning the blood off of his walls and tearing up the carpet so that his son never knew what happened in his room. Worse part of all of this is that my friend just couldn't see how much we all loved him. This man was loved by his friends, children, family, and coworkers.

Don't play around with your life. It's precious, it's worth something. You just can't see that right now because of your despair. Get out and smell the air -- the air of life -- and get some help.

Good luck to you.
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