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  1. Nicki

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    I just cant do it anymore....The mental pain is to much....I wish that God if there is one would take me....I have no real friends and no family due to me being abused by them both.....I have two wonderful kids,,,But i cant them keep seeing me ill with the depresion anymore the should have better...The doctor just wants me to keep taking pills that have put 3 stone on in weight...The councing isnt helping me... I'm getting married this year to a control freak i cant fit in my wedding dress because of the weight gain due to the tablets and illness... Everything to hard...I WANT TO GO
  2. Petal

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    Hi Nicki,

    I'm sorry to hear your family and friends abused you.
    You need to keep fighting for your children hun,they need you.
    Maybe try relationship therapy before getting married to see if ye can work out the differences between you. Don't fret too much about your weight. That will sort itself out in time :hug:

    Lynn x
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