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That's it. I'm off. Time to leave. I have spent a long time looking for the best way out and have finally found it. All those wasted years at college will finally prove useful - as well as a few choice Youtube vids. I can't believe how easy it will be!

Please don't anyone say "We'll miss you", because the reality is, no one has or will. Especially here.

You can keep this planet - I won't be a part of it anymore. You can find someone else to dump your misery on, because in a few hours time, I won't be here!

Who gives a shit?

I don't!

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Mystic what has got you so dam angry Noone is worth taking your life noone okay. and yes i will care. You have been here helping others you care and you do not want to harm anyone. Time to call someone okay get some help for YOU hugs


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If you think people do not care why did you say Bye of course people do care about life especially on a forum like this.Hope to hear from you soon that you got some help'


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I care about anyone who feels as you do because I understand your pain..
I hope you don't go

why do you want to do this?

there are other choices

please get yourself some immediate help and stay safe


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i hope you are just having bad day and have been through this enough as many of us have and realise that shity days are followed by another that atleast puts a slight smile on your face ,,, i am still not sure myself if its worth those hard to find good times in this worrld but atleast we still have the chance to experience them if we are around.. you go and you dont have anything...... i am taking the time to send you a message cause i care about what you do as well as others and i believe you can be happy ... like i said i am in the same boat as you and i hate some of the things around me in this world but i gaurentee you are the same as me too where every other day you see good...stick around and help us few people that care and have hearts help this world be a better place..if you dont think i dont know your level of depression i was there and took my finger off recently to bleed out, i have a great job and a few good friends .. i should be happy without these thoughts and i hate them there each day but i know i am happy i have a chance at today and tomorrow maybe i can make it better....really what do you have to lose .. i hope you are ok today i care and like i read bellow they said why would you say good bye if you thought people dont care??? we care , i care !!!!
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