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Hi Graemepb...

I'm worried for you, especially after reading this message. :( What's going on? Please talk to us or someone you can confide in IRL or online about this. I understand that you're in pain and just want the thoughts to stop.... If talking privately would be better for you, be sure to PM me. I always check my PM box and will keep an eye out for new messages like usual.


With care,


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i hope you go to hospital and get help okay call the crisis line go get some help to relieve this sadness of yours hun. Please let us know what is happening hugs


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Yoiu don't have to do this.. Yo9u can talk to us.. It's never to late to back out.. Stay here with us and let us help suport you..What do yo9u have to loose..


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sounds like you weren't meant to go graemepb
you have another chance at life
wanna talk about what got you to the point of wanting to die?


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So glad you are still here so we can get to know you...please tell us what is going on and what has brought you to this point...I am sure there are so many ppl who can relate...J


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Graeme, I can imagine how desperate you must be feeling but please don't think you're alone on this, talk to somebody, reach out. :hug:
Hey Graeme. I'm very new to this site (as of about 5 minutes) and I really hope you're still there to read this. I can't say that I understand what you're going through. Everyone's situation is different and I know that I always get upset when people tell me "they understand". I'm not going to tell you not to do it; that's your choice, and I know you don't take it lightly. I do however want to know what caused/ is causing you to feel this way. Maybe we could talk about it? I could always use someone to talk to as well. Just let me know.
Take it easy man, I really hope to hear from you.
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