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Café Friday Nov. 11

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Warm greetings everyone,

Welcome to the Café thread for Friday, November 11. I am excited to hear about your latest endeavors and interests. If you are celebrating Veterans Day or are who the holiday is all about, I wish you a happy and safe Friday. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

May your Friday be a good one,



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hey Speedy, morning kind sir.. i am having trouble sleeping tonight cause i took a 2 hour nap yesterday.. oh well, live and learn jimbo..

not a lot of gottas today.. just footloose and fancy free i spose.. mall walk at 7 or so.. new harry potter movie after that from target.. and watch the movie and then put it in cupboard with the other 7 or so..

katie says she going to take johnny tonight and i will be looking forward to that.. coffee is ready.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John


the beach boys and dance, dance, dance..

Mr Stewart

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Morning Alex and Jim and coffee forum at large,

Holiday today in Canada. Which is good. And I'm working. Which is bad. But I get paid extra for working on a holiday. Good. But I got roped into taking another trainee along with me on my route again. Bad.

Speaking of which I better get off the computer now and take a shower or I will be late. Not, I should say, that it matters, given that I am the only person (+the trainee) working today so it's not like they'll notice. Yep.

Alright. I'm getting up. Here we go. Right now. Okay.


see ya later.
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