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Café Friday Nov. 4

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Good day to everyone! Let's get off to an early start. Having said that, welcome to the Café thread for November 4, 2011! As usual, everybody feel free to chat with us Coffee House goers. We. Us. All of us. You too! ;)

Friday's a day for reflection on my end. Furthermore, it's not supposed to rain tomorrow! Boy, today it rained so much! :badday: Anyways, I look forward to hearing from each of you.


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Morning Alex and coffee forum folk and SF peoples at large,

As planned in yesterday's thread I went to the office supply store to get a floor mat for my desk chair. I wasn't used to the decreased rolling resistance of the new hard plastic mat so when I sat down the chair rolled out of place and nearly spilled my glass of water I had sitting on a stool beside.

I had to train a new person at work today. He's nice and all but I can't manage all that talking. I talked more in the four hours I was responsible for him than I have in the last month combined. Too much talking and more on the way tomorrow. Maybe I could tell work not to assign me to training duties but then they'd probably want to demote me and dock my pay and hours in the process, because they're bastards, and they're mean, and they would love to do that I think if they had the opportunity.

I'm very tired now. Hope the day is a good one for all of you.


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hi alex, stewart and zombiep.. hope all your sleep and the day go good for you...

slept thru without pee breaks a bit longer last night.. feels good.. try to mall walk this morning.. john is 35 yrs old today so baths, shaves and clean clothes and his momma katie coming at 4:30pm to drive us all down the hill to IHOP for a family dinner celebration.. first time we done the 3 of us together in something in a very long time.. hope goes well..

would like to watch new bluray movie crazy stupid love this morning.. am holding it to a pack of the cursed marlboros now for the day.. able to hold to this will attempt to decrease even more in a bit.. boy i heard of love/hate relationships but this one takes the name well..

coffee ready.. back to couch and lite up now.. take care, Jim and jOhn

marc cohn and walking in memphis.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wAPaJW2hf8


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Hello everyone, its raining here.

Happy birthday to John Jim- hope you have a good meal.

Here is a hint for giving up ciggies (I havent given them up but i try to cut down Ha Ha HA) If you have parsley growing where you live-do u have a garden or a yard- well its very good to chew on it. It is a natural recommendation for giving up ciggies;) it "cleanses" the palate and allows you to chew if you want. Parsley is good for you too.

Thank you for the songs everyone posts - I do listen to them and it saves my poor mind from thinking of what to play.

Buenos dias my camarades.


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hi again.. finally shut the music off and we ate breakfast.. then to bank to deposit state check.. could not resist and made a side trip to best buy for couple of more bluray movies..

we did shaves adn baths and clean clothes and dirty is currently in the washer.. we just about ready for katie and dinner at ihop..


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ah Friday is just another day for me.

Happy Day to John, Jim, I love IHOP myself.

Wondering what I can make to eat for supper without going to the store.


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Hi all, having a few drinks i'm feeling like i want to do something but just sat in my room, i'm watching neverback down i love this film. Anyone seeing /doing fireworks tomorrow?
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