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Café Thursday Nov. 3

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Good morning everyone! I spent today not doing much, just trying to go outdoors more. Being home is like reliving my childhood. Such a nostalgic feeling! Tonight, I watched The X Factor USA. This was my favorite performance (of "Just a Dream" - Drew (cover)):


Hope you like it! You know, I really like these Café threads. Really gives me a sense of unity. Makes me want to party with y'all regulars! :party:

Cheers, and enjoy tomorrow/today, depending on where you are.

Over and out,

~ Alex

Mr Stewart

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Morning Alex,

Skimming through at first I thought you wrote The X Files. Different show entirely.

Today I plan to go to the office supply store to purchase a floor mat for my desk chair. I noticed this afternoon that the casters on my chair were starting to damage the carpet they roll on. Renting here, cannot be damaging carpet unduly.

I'm having more holiday flavoured gingerbread flavoured tea right now. Trying to relax and stay calm. Sleep when sleep decides the time is right for sleeping.

video game musics

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hi alex and stewart.. sort of still down over a dear friend being so ill but got to pick myself up and go on so here i am..

johnny snoring away still .. would like to get the gumption today to mall walk again.. then off to safeway annd albertson's for food supplies.. see if can figure out how on forza 3 how to get to use the fastest cars on the highest levels to finish this game off. got the driving level and the cars but not able to access them now..

want to watch last disc of lie to me some also.. need to do a couple of emails to people that i have left hanging.. also an email to tara my therapist..

time to ponder my world on the couch for a bit.. hope yours and my day is a good one.. take care, Jim and John


wind beneath my wings by bette midler


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Hello all -thanks for music.

hope everyone has a good day. Its very grey here - and fireworks have been going off most nights - think it has to do with Bonfire Night which is on 5th December.

At least its something I can watch from my window,
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