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Café Tuesday Nov. 1

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morning all.. hi alex.. got some sleep but going to need more..johnny just sleeps thru lucky guy that he is..

at 7am going to look at how dark and foggy it is outside and determine whether or not we going to climb in car and drive rush hour on 6 lane freeway the 20 miles to my therapy appt.. never canceled on yet but today if it is not safe for me to drive with johnny will do so then.

crazy , stupid love is only dvd i am looking for today.. got to rein the spending in a lot.. also in 2 more marlboros i am out of smokes and going to see how that goes over with my system???

off to couch now.. hope is a good day for you.. tc, Jim and JOhn

Mr Stewart

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Morning folks. Or evening for me. I'm still up from the previous day. It's 2am here.

Immediate plan is to go sleep. Tomorrow is another day off work. I want to try to finish off a short story I started writing last month. We'll see how that goes. Maybe give the bathroom a thorough scrubbing too. Will be staying inside all day. I had the bright idea this afternoon of going to get groceries. I didn't think it would be so busy. Halloween afternoon. Place was packed to the rafters with humans. I managed it okay, considering.

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inmemoryofyou thanks for the rihanna tune .. hit a good spot in me.. Mr. stewart been too long since listened to the intro to one of my favorite shows by rod serling.

slept a little more and just so don't oversleep and miss T appt going to stay up now.. john darling that he is is still snoring away.. at least one of us got good horse sense..

went up to 7-11 few moinutes ago and got one more pack of marlboros. needed that and instead of now going to smoke casually thru today and quit before going to bed so got a bit of hours and time without when i awake at midnight or so.. this cig demon is my own and tackle with my soul and heart tomorrow early morning.. time to light up now.. Jim


miss cindi lauper and true colors..


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hi there hornbeam.. despite a brief detour onto the road to another town due to a missed exit by me, we got safely to mental health center in good shape in the dark..

therapy session with tara went great.. conclusion from her was "jim if you really feel you got to do this quit smoking trip , go ahead just be good to yourself in the process please.. also good luck with the dvd and electric gadgets buying cut down."..

actually got a few questions answered by her.. yes tara is really pronounced terra adn not tar a adn i have been doing it right for all 8 yrs.. and yes she has a support system which is working well for her also.. let it go with this bit.. taken me 8 yrs to get to this place with her.. tara is an excellent therapist.. she know's me very darn well..LOL

Growing Pains

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Good evening everyone and welcome to November, 2011. Not exactly my favorite month of the year. In fact, it's probably one of my least favorite (other than July and August because of their excessive heat!). It's just a month away from December and two months away from a new year. But I'll get through it, I'm sure.

Took the niece trick or treating last night. It rained all night. We ended up stopping 30 minutes early because it was getting cold due to said rain and we didn't want her to catch a cold. Spent all day over there, had to get her off the bus and watch her for a few hours. Not complaining, it gave me something to do.

Right now, I'm not doing anything. Just... sitting around, tired, bored, the usual. No music to post. I actually haven't been listening to much music lately. I hope everyone is having a good November first.
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